Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye ,Sweet 2009

  I often loose time within the hustle and bustle of my everyday life and I was truly stumped a moment ago. I began to read the blogs i love to follow and for a moment thought "whats with all this end of the year stuff?" then i caught up with myself-hello!there are fireworks popping all over the neighborhood.--My life moves entirely to fast.

  This year has been a big one. We bought a house-painted walls, laid tile, changed almost every light fixture,cleared trees and shrubs, made flower beds, built a fence, started work on my studio, changed electrical sockets( about 5 minutes ago)and we still have a ways to go. We had our third baby girl-completely redid a room for her, breast fed, made baby food, made diapers,(hay i'm pretty crafty) and i also managed,--with the help of her sister-- not to forget her anywhere. We made visits to my mom several times and even made a few trips to New Orleans(ye-ah!) I worked hard at keeping ( myself) our home together and my truly incredable husband worked really hard to fill the bank account and our lives with riches.

  As I have now pondered this past year, I do truly believe that it really was a good year. Our life together as a family went through many  good changes, this may very well have been a landmark year.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

....Soon it will be Christmas day...

Christmas is upon us and it starting out well, I am happy with all the gifts i created and so are the recipients. Although I officially finished yesterday, I have found myself back at the cutting table for one last gift. An i-pod case for my nephew(just a little something extra).

We have also been busy baking,  so far we have two loves of bread and a pear pie. lou-lou (as always) has been eager to help.

We started our Christmas early  unfortunately my husband will be going to work tonight. I am trying really hard not to dwell on this. We opened many wonderful gifts and had a wonderful day filled with smiles.

Tomorrow will bring even more joy, my girls will spend a day in the country playing with their cousins and opening gifts with Nana.   Merry Christmas to all and to all A GOOD NIGHT.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Again now Wear that shoe Again

Little Lou-Lou gets very attached to her shoes , they always seam to wear out before she is ready to retire lay them to rest so we have gotten creative(can you believe).

This is the result of water puddle jumping, jungle gym climbing, and some crazy fast bike riding. I assure you these month old shoes have earned each and every scuff. But as loved as they are I refuse to let Lou-Lou wear these outside the house which brought her to tears but since we have been down this road before(the black patine leather--ugh!--) I knew just what to do.

 Their is nothing that can't be made pretty with a little paint!  While I was "being creating" my husband commented that we would never get out of the mall because everyone was going to stop us and ask where we got those shoes. I passed his comment off as part of his relentless support but as we walked through the mall i was stopped several times.

Here s How You Can Do It!

Upcycle  or Recycle those worn out Shoes In to A wearable work of art.
No artiest skill required, Only the ability to think like a child.

I use everyday craft paint or artiest acrylics or just any paint i have near by. It should be noted that painting the shoes will not make them armor plated and they will get scuffed again which is why you should just have fun with this, the only person you need impress is your child. If your shoe is dark in color (black, brown,navy) choose paint colors that are bright. If light in color choose colors that are complimentary to the shoe style or an outfit they are to be worn with.

A small paint brush or brushes is/are required as that the shoes are small.andd uhh yes a good paint brush will make things a little easier but use what you have.

A little cup of water and a few paper towels are uses to wipe paint from brushes  when switching paint colors and the water can be used to thin thick acrylic paint
Now do Your thing MaMa.  If you have trouble with the way your design looks try going back and outlining your  with a dark color, you can use a Sharpie if you like just make sure your paint is dry. If you are doing polka-dots apply them is threes so that you do not accidentally make dotted lines. Do the entire shoe then go back and tweak it. As with any art just go with it, use your mistakes to create something new or  let them dry and go back over them or if you can wipe them off, just don't be so hard on yourself that you keep wipeing them off , you may never finish if you don't leave something on the shoe.

The final step is the most important. If you have used any paint that is matte or dull in color don't worry Just use a Clear glossy glaze. Or if for you like that look use a matte glaze. You must seal your design, this can be done with and clear glaze. I use a clear acrylic made to seal feaux finishes on walls or a spray on gloss. Any clear glossy paint will do just make sure that the shoes are dry before doing this or your design will smear.

Your Child will love these. I let mine help but i know not every one can do this. Her little sloppy dolka-dots make her smile when she looks down at her feet. I am OK as long as the scuffs are covered.

Try this its fun and makes for a great conversation starter for both you and your child.

I WILL bare gifts

I have been neglecting my blog but will soon be done with all the holiday preparations and free to enjoy the rest of the season.

A scarf for our family gift game.
A gift basket of my soaps and a hand knitted bath cloth for teacher.
A couple of black sling purses to fill a request.
Eyeglass cases for the grandmothers.
A tag monster for our baby cousin
And i am still not done.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have been so busy doing lots of little things that nothing is truly getting done. I thought Christmas was suppose to be fun, well i guess it was until i started  having  that hurry up and get it done feeling. The Great news is that I have a new sewing machine. It sews so good that it has taken me a week to get use to it. But after tonight it should be smooth sailing on those presents. A big THANK YOU to my understanding husband(he figures its cheep therapy).

My husband has gone to work againe, little lou-lou was sad all day she is so lost with out her dad.

I finally got a MM-MA-MA out of Pemmie, i was so excited  and my reaction lead to MMaMmmmmmaaamamamam!  Now What ada-da-dada?

My sweet Bridie is still pretty impressed with herself  for being so good at the dentist, I think that she did better than i do. Hopefully pulling that extra tooth will straighten thing out.

This was about all the snow we got, just enough to dust the roof tops. My girls stayed up all night, to say the least they were disappointed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunny with a chance of snow

    My house is clean there is not a stitch of clothing that is not washed, my floors are sparkling, the dishes are done, toys are put away, my husband is home!!! Yeah!!    I have only one problem, my sewing machine is not working so good and my embroidery/sewing  machines touch screen is out of whack.
I am down to hand sewing and light duty on the machine so its dolls and pattern cutting for the weekend.
I have made some progress on a doll that started sometime ago i will post a pic tomorrow.  I think i finally painted a set of eyes that look like what i intended. I am quite proud of myself.

 I am determined to get Christmas present making completed, i promised lou-lou she could wrap the presents( this is going to be fun) she ask me everyday if its time.

   The local weather man says that it may snow(lol).  This means that the ground will be a giant muddy slushy and though it will be cold and wet , birdie will try to make a snow angel and end up a happy smiling, cold wet, dirty mess.    If i close my eyes I can almost conjure up that feeling know..... that feeling of amazement with the world, the feeling of eminence excitement you get when you experience something you thought you never would.  Birdie wakes up with that feeling every morning, i can see it in her eyes. This is how she will bear the cold wet mud just to say she made a snow angel. And i will let her because i know that feeling too. After all its how you know your truly alive.

   time to get to work.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Many Things

So much has been going on that i don't know where to begin.
The trip to Texas went well, we did not get to visit with nana pat pat very much but we will try to see her againe.
Here are some pic I took at the gardens where my mom volunteers, the cold weather has spared many of the flowering plants, how wonderful for me.

I  have been busy with the kiddos but i managed to finish a great bag. The fabric is nice and sturdy it sews well and has a fun print. I think i will get a few more pieces. I found it at a little known outlet here in town she has lots of fabulous prints in this great fabric.

I finally ordered  the fabric i have been pining for- Good Folks Anne Marie Horner  for Free Spirit-- it so me , i have a plan for a wonderfully fun bag. I can't wait to get started on it.

My super husband put up our Christmas lights and the plan is that tomorrow i will put up the tree. This means that i have to clean the living room and rearrange the furniture which will require my three girlys to cooperate, any body wont to take bets on how long this will take?.... I will post pic when it is all done.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Thought to Share

I just posted the post below and then decided to click on the "Next Blog" button on the top bar. I like doing this because I most always come across some interesting people but its the tragic story that always compels me to read. I often feel as though i am reading a strangers privet thoughts and that i should stop but i don't. The reason being  that i either find a place where i don't feel alone in my madness or that i feel grateful for every thing in my life. Tonight I am grateful for my childrens health, my husbands love,and happily being called  "..silly moma".
I read of a  broken fathers thoughts on his dieing son, a sad mother who moved across country, and a sweet lady unable to sleep. I learned that life can be horribly sad, but it will get better,and that i will never get any rest.

Red Bag Brag

I have so many thing on my mind that I have wasted away the day with confusion. The house is semi-clean and my sewing table is full. this week is going to be hectic-- I start my weeks on Thursday so i can keep up with my husbands schedule--we are going to visit family and the trip wears me out. Packing is a true task, i always pack to much or to little. Pillows, blankies, bottles, diapers, wipes, coats and sweaters, shorts and pant, snacks and drinks, and then there's my stuff which is usually the things left behind because 4 girls can not cram into one suitcase and 4 suitcases make me feel guilty as i watch my wonderful husband tote them upstairs. It will all be fine once we get there, i am sure i will get lots of wonderful pictures to post.

Check out my  shopping/ tote bag it is my masterpiece for this week. I made it for my etsy shop but i am not so sure i will be able to let go of it. It is made from recycled and scrap fabric. I found this great house dress with lots of embroidery on it, half went in to this purse and the other half will be a blouse for Birdie( She loves bright colored embroidery). The bag snaps on the sides so that if you shop to much you can fit it all in. How is this for a reusable shopping bag,  The zip pouch keeps keys, cards, or make-up within reach.

I love pic of my sewing table the colors and patterns excite me. 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stylish tote

I have been working vigorously on my new bags, I may have finally perfected my pattern.  This is a great shopping tote, it has a zippy up pouch attached to the inside. Sized perfectly for a wallet, keys, lip balm, and phone this tote is shopping with style.  I read an article the other day  suggesting that using a pretty reusable tote would keep us from forgetting  those plane reusable bag in the car, lets see if it works.

                      I am making some progress on my dolly she is truning out to be a lot of fun.  She is a" golden girl"- or older lady-I found some fabulous gray yarn and thought i would give it a try.  I will post on her again tomorrow.
I must go now, i have to finish cleaning. I cooked three meals today and it seams that i have managed to dirty every pot in the house three times. MMMmmm but it was worth it, I think?


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