Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stylish tote

I have been working vigorously on my new bags, I may have finally perfected my pattern.  This is a great shopping tote, it has a zippy up pouch attached to the inside. Sized perfectly for a wallet, keys, lip balm, and phone this tote is shopping with style.  I read an article the other day  suggesting that using a pretty reusable tote would keep us from forgetting  those plane reusable bag in the car, lets see if it works.

                      I am making some progress on my dolly she is truning out to be a lot of fun.  She is a" golden girl"- or older lady-I found some fabulous gray yarn and thought i would give it a try.  I will post on her again tomorrow.
I must go now, i have to finish cleaning. I cooked three meals today and it seams that i have managed to dirty every pot in the house three times. MMMmmm but it was worth it, I think?

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