Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cowboy's Burp Too

Has it been awhile or what? Sorry but life seams to get away from me, then i waste all my time failing to catch up with it.

OK here goes.  I made these for the new babe in our family. We finally have a male child among us. My sweet husbands sister had a strapping boy that is sure to be spoiled rotten before he is one.

When i got the call from my sister in law that she was in need of burp cloths I was happy to oblige.

Here's what i came up with: saddle bag shaped with horse shoes. Perfect for a little cowboy to spit on.

I used embroidery floss to stitch on the horse shoes(after i had ironed them on with adhesive backing).  Believe it or not i was having a hard time drawing out the horse shoe pattern so what i did was google- printable horse shoe - and low and behold up popped a children's coloring page of the perfect horse shoe, i printed it, cut it out and who knew it would be sew perfect.

For the back sided i used a piece of fleece i had hanging around, not very absorbent but very cuddly. the horse shoe design the a outlined on the front made for a nice accent on the back also.
HINT: If you do this be sure to check your stitches on both sides when embroidering, I left mine rough looking because...well to be frank it was easier and sense its western, I liked the texture it added.  But it did take a little more time to line up my stitches.

I did not cut my binding on the bias because i only had these strips to work with. so i decided to attach them like quilters do quilt binding. I connected my strips and then ironed them in half with right sides out and lined up the open end with the edge of the burp cloth.

After completing that round I folded it toward the bandanna side and sewed it down, encasing the rough edged of all fabrics.

I used plenty of pins, it was a little rough to make the curves with out the bias cut binding but i think the thickness of the folded binding helped make it easier.

i really enjoyed making them, it was fun getting to do boy stuff.
I sure hope my girls get over pink soon, I've been into purple lately.


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