Saturday, April 24, 2010

What i saw at the Woodland Waterway Art Festival (better late than never)

Several weeks ago i had the pleasure of attending the Woodland Waterway Art Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. (except for having to pay to get in) It was more of a gigantic art fair and the weather was quite dreary but the walk along the waterway was great and the artiest even greater. I took a few photos and would like to share them with you.
The Women and Wine Series by artiest Kathy Womack were my favorite her paintings. Colorful and bellowing with textures. If i was in the market for art I surly would have taken one home. Click on the link to see lots more.
OK check this out! This silliness was just delightful, a wonderful oil painting by Betty Nash. Betty's art work is beautiful but i was thrilled by the subject in this painting. She took rock, paper, scissors and painted it with such grace and elegance that I was truly impressed. You rock Ms. Betty Nash!( she is quite an elegant traditional artiest check out her web page)

 I love modern abstract shinny things. These glass panels by Presteau ,just fabulous. The table, even more impressive.(you can see the rain drops collecting on the table, it was a rainy day but i didn't mind))

This little piece of folk art is what i took home. I have been into bees lately. When i get lost in my projects and don't know what to do next, I just follow the word of my Lou-Lou " If i were a bee, i would just make honey".  I placed my 3x3 piece just above my sewing machine so when i look up, i can rember to become the bee and just do what i do! My bee is by folk artiest Irene Gates of Douglas,Mi. she does not have a website to link to but she was a very nice person and i enjoyed meeting her.

As you can see my taste in art is all over the map. I believe beauty comes in many forms.

Friday, April 23, 2010

How we spent Earth Day

We cleaned house....
Well yes we did clean house but afterward the girl went on a walk around our yard, their assignment was to photograph thing that are important to them that the Earth has gives us. I wonted them to understand that all of the thing that we enjoy on a daily basics are of the earth. The grass they walk upon, the wonderful scent of flowers that fills the air, even those cute cotton dresses they wear. I gave a big speech about why we recycle and how recycling helps to keep the ecosystem functioning properly. Before it was over I had created a couple of eco-worriers which turned out great because they stopped complaining about my constant "Could you please go put this in the recycle bin?" no one ever said the recycling wasn't work.
So here are a few of my eco-princesses photos.

I think the girls did a pretty good job with the photos! Birdie is very proud of herself Her favorite photos are"the bee flowers'(clovers),"those purple ones", "the fed one that i pressed the T button for"

 Now here are some of my favorite pic that i have taken over the past couple of weeks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Best Reason to Keep your wedding dress

I planned to post today of my attempt to clean the oven and refrigerator. Instead I will have to post about a slightly more romantic thing; my wedding day.

For quite sometime now Lou-Lou has been asking me  "When you gonna  put on your big puffy dress and twirl with me mama". Usually i can come up with a good excuses but today i was out witted. The dress and the shoes were laid out and the invitation mandatory. There was no way i could refuse the little doe eyed girl and her equally "puffy" and "twirly"dress.  I sucked in as much as i could, wiggled it gently over my hips and thought for a moment that i would never get it zipped, but i did,although breathing was quite a task.  Lou-Lou assured me that i was going to be alright. She breathed in deeply as though she was going to blow out a hundred birthday candles, placed my hand upon her chest, and exhaled. "See mama you just do like that." Luckily the zipper was stronger than i thought and it made it through my burst of  laughter.
We thumbed through my  tiny wedding album and she was amazed by my cake, flowers,and how hansom her daddy looked. My eyes welled with tears. Our wedding had only three people in attendance, my husband, myself, and an odd little preacher. I loved this day for its simplicity and the dress was an afterthought. Who knew that five years later it would become the catalyst to sharing  our love story with our children.
Lou-Lou and i danced to my favorite Allen Jackson songs as Pemmie chased the hems of our twirling gowns. I wonted my husband to be there; I found him in Lou-Lou's smile.

Caine, thank you for marrying me at that little cabin in the woods, for thinking it was funny that i wore pink flip flops, for gently wiping my wedding day tears, and for loving every part of it just as i do.


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