Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Been a While

  Its been about two week since my last post, I'm not real sure where the time has gone but it definitely went there fast.  Whats that, "have i been crafty" you say,....... well yeah.  I would find time in a hurricane, in fact, if i unhinged my craft table i could use it as a raft so when the waters rise  i won't miss a stitch.

Mom came to visit and with her came her new obsession, polymer clay.  I must admit this is some handy stuff. It took me a little while to wrap my brain around making "canes" and I still have yet to try checkerboard patterns or swirls. What i did manage to create was a stack of clays that i layers to produce a marble effect. I was pretty happy with this and made several beads and a bracelet(forgot to take pictures). Even my girls got into it. As you can see above i set up a bigger table and every one had a space to roll clay.
I have also been working on a few more flowers brooches and i am thrilled with them.


I cut out quite a lot of petals from many different fabrics.  i will have plenty to work on when i am short on time. I like to make these when i am to busy to sit at the sewing machine. Unlike the sewing machine I can stop and start these with out much fuss or confusion. In other words when the kiddos call i can literally drop it and go.
We Celebrated the Big 100th Day of School . I was told that i needed to create "... the best shirt ever."  Bridie gave me strict instructions and a lot of help. She loved her shirt.


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