Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Thought to Share

I just posted the post below and then decided to click on the "Next Blog" button on the top bar. I like doing this because I most always come across some interesting people but its the tragic story that always compels me to read. I often feel as though i am reading a strangers privet thoughts and that i should stop but i don't. The reason being  that i either find a place where i don't feel alone in my madness or that i feel grateful for every thing in my life. Tonight I am grateful for my childrens health, my husbands love,and happily being called  "..silly moma".
I read of a  broken fathers thoughts on his dieing son, a sad mother who moved across country, and a sweet lady unable to sleep. I learned that life can be horribly sad, but it will get better,and that i will never get any rest.

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