Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Red Bag Brag

I have so many thing on my mind that I have wasted away the day with confusion. The house is semi-clean and my sewing table is full. this week is going to be hectic-- I start my weeks on Thursday so i can keep up with my husbands schedule--we are going to visit family and the trip wears me out. Packing is a true task, i always pack to much or to little. Pillows, blankies, bottles, diapers, wipes, coats and sweaters, shorts and pant, snacks and drinks, and then there's my stuff which is usually the things left behind because 4 girls can not cram into one suitcase and 4 suitcases make me feel guilty as i watch my wonderful husband tote them upstairs. It will all be fine once we get there, i am sure i will get lots of wonderful pictures to post.

Check out my  shopping/ tote bag it is my masterpiece for this week. I made it for my etsy shop but i am not so sure i will be able to let go of it. It is made from recycled and scrap fabric. I found this great house dress with lots of embroidery on it, half went in to this purse and the other half will be a blouse for Birdie( She loves bright colored embroidery). The bag snaps on the sides so that if you shop to much you can fit it all in. How is this for a reusable shopping bag,  The zip pouch keeps keys, cards, or make-up within reach.

I love pic of my sewing table the colors and patterns excite me. 

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