Saturday, February 27, 2010

Actually recycled/upcycled!

I have accumulated a massive stack of items to be recycled or upcycled if it pleases you, jeans, shirts, sweaters,t-shirts,tank tops,etc. etc.etc..... Well needless to say, all of these things are not fitting into my designated recyclable space. So the answer my friends is to ActuUaLLY do some ReUpCycliNg.  Here we go--

This bag is constructed using the sleeves of two shirts. I was able to successfully incorporate the cuffs and collars in to the handle, i am very happy with the out come.
I also did a check book cover, key fob , and make-up bag. All thats left are a few small scraps from each shirt that will go into my scrap jar. These pieces will be transformed at a later date.

I cut off the sleeves of both shirts(size large)then cut down the center of the sleeve seam to open it up.
I then laid them on top of each other and evened them up to equal sizes.  Then sewed each  like sleeve together leaving only a space to flip it to the right side. (Automatic lining is what i call this)
After ironing, I folded the pieces in half to form two triangles. i boxed and french seemed the bottom.
It took a bit of faniggling to get the cuffs on and the handle  so i could not begin to explain this process but i will try it again and hopefully have a better grasp of it.

When it was all done i added the little roses (another thing i can't explain how i do) All in all i am quite happy with the results.
I have now sorted the stash of clothing and have another project on the table, hopefully i will get to it tomorrow.

Lou-Lou picked me flowers while i was working, about 6 flowers, i have a photo of her with each one.........I love you too Lou-Lou.


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