Friday, February 12, 2010


Yes the saints won the SUper Bowel and it snowed for Mardi Gras, coincidence, perhaps but what next, will i finally win the lottery!

I meant to post this earlier in the week. Here is my garage sale find from last Saturday. These are two petti coats from the 60's. How awesomely, girly. I can just imagine the places these have been and the beautiful dresses that once covered them. The granddaughters of the lady that once wore them were so excited to see my girls faces as they dug them from the bottom of a box that had obviously been in an attic for quite a while.I love them so much that i have yet to relinquish them to the dress up box.
Two of my favorite things, too bad good thing my butt is way to big for them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine, Oh Valentine what ever shall i make you.

I have been hard at work on several new projects. I started the week determined to secretly make valentine gifts for my girls. The gifts are now made but every one knows what they are getting. A little birdie found a small drawing on the corner of a paper that i had doodled her doll on, and smarter than me she must be because she immediately asked if she could pick the fabric for her doll. Not being a good lier and being an even worse surprise keeper i said "well sure but maybe its not for you", with a little sideways grin she winked "well i will just pick out the fabric like it is mine,...OK mama?" i laughed and the joke was on me.

"The Doodle"

"The Pattern"
"The Cut Out"
"The Sew Up"

"The Stuffed Up"

"The Hand Work Stager"

"The Zoe Love Doll"


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