Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Fabric We want in Our Lives!

There is one thing that i have learned over the year that is a true constant. No design, no matter how great, is ever good enough if the fabric we choose is bad.  I have often seen horribly made items selling like mad for  seriously mad prices all because they "looked good". And what a shame it is when a person of great talent can't sell any of there work because they wouldn't spend a little extra on fabric or simply just didn't know that there taste in fabric did not suite current trends. I have been guilty of both crimes and i am trying very had to break my "poor girl" mentality and give my work the beautifully designed textiles it deserves.
I do have a list of favorites, some are specific to my personality, some are just simply great works that i appreciate. I have done a lot of searching to find these favorites. Local store are a great source for fabric but often do not carry anything that is different from what they know they can sell, the result of this is that new designs are slow in coming. So the local crafting markets are flooded with lots of the same old patterns. Since most of us are all making the same or similar items, who ever gets the new stuff wins.

Tip: You do not have to personally LOVE a design for it to be a good one!

I can not tell you how many times i have heard "that s ugly,who would wear that", Everyone ThAtS Who AgnUs! Different does not mean "Ugly"
To help you stuck in a rut ladies here is a link to SpoonFlower  this site has wonderful designs by everyone and anyone(even you if you get brave). While your there check out there blog. Just Click those purple letters for a great post with a list of new designers and view there creations.
I love The Fabric Worm and their Blog! Here you can educate yourself  on all the options that are out there and don't be afraid to buy a few yards, i have and their fabulous.
This post is getting long so i will leave you with just two other Anne Marie Horner (as always), its like she read my mind- her design suit my personality, and a new one i just came across Ashley Thomas. I am truly digg`n her unique designs. .....Filling your mind with new designs will make your creations shine! (how corny, gotta love it)


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