Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have been so busy doing lots of little things that nothing is truly getting done. I thought Christmas was suppose to be fun, well i guess it was until i started  having  that hurry up and get it done feeling. The Great news is that I have a new sewing machine. It sews so good that it has taken me a week to get use to it. But after tonight it should be smooth sailing on those presents. A big THANK YOU to my understanding husband(he figures its cheep therapy).

My husband has gone to work againe, little lou-lou was sad all day she is so lost with out her dad.

I finally got a MM-MA-MA out of Pemmie, i was so excited  and my reaction lead to MMaMmmmmmaaamamamam!  Now What ada-da-dada?

My sweet Bridie is still pretty impressed with herself  for being so good at the dentist, I think that she did better than i do. Hopefully pulling that extra tooth will straighten thing out.

This was about all the snow we got, just enough to dust the roof tops. My girls stayed up all night, to say the least they were disappointed.

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