Friday, November 6, 2009

On the cutting table

These are the things I we have been working on. A dye bath of tea for a dolly, blue stars for my embroidery bag -perhaps they'll be ornaments- a make-up bag turned purse, and a shopping bag whose pictures are to come. I am thinking of making tutorial on the make up bag, this would be my first tutorial, how fun.
Birdie took all the pictures you see I think I have a budding photographer.

Silance Surrounds Me?

It has been a quiet morning, odd yet so enjoyable. With my husbands homecomming a blanket of contentment has envelopes my house hold. There are no frowns or boredom to contend with, the warmth of a fathers love brings security to our little piece of the world.  The house is clean and I am now free to create.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, as i look into my children s eyes i see many thing. Birdies eyes are insidious with in them lies a smoldering spirit patiently waiting to ignite. Lou-Lou's eyes are prudential, with in them glairs back at me the semblance of De Vinci's gears, something wondrous this way will come. Pemie's eyes are amiable, as they drink in all that surround her.  My eyes have feasted upon all my souls desires. I have fed my soul until fat, it troubles me no more.

Monday, November 2, 2009

O.K. so the house is filthy and I have so much to do that i can't do anything. I am tired, so very tired but so is every mom I know so why am I complaining. Snap out of it girl.

Self petty was taking over for a minute but i think i have it under control now.

Hay! do you smell that... Nooo... well I dooo . Check out what just came out of my oven.

Pear pies and they are very yummy. Everyone thought i was wasting my time canning all those- as lou-lou puts it- " juicy pears"(except lou-lou) this summer but look what i have now. I made them individual so that i would be sure to not eat to much but i don't think that idea worked. If fact it backed fired, you can't just take a bite of the second one, its a waist, right.  Back me up on this one mom.

Speaking of Mom,  her crafty bone been a itche'n and boy did she scratch it.
The photo below is one of the three scarfs she made for the Etsy shop.  It is nice having someone to bounce ideas around with. But when we're together we don't seam to get very much done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Moms Greatness

My mom came to visit bearing gifts and not just for my girls. She created the wonderful scarfs, I wonted to keep them.  But, I can't keep everything can I?

A bamboo spun rose colored crochet scarf. the feels oh so soft.


We had a wonderful Halloween!  Our neighborhood buzzed with fun, everyone came out in costume and we even had a haunted garage which really drew a crowd.  The girls both started out strong, when it was over lou-lou was the only one standing.  We made it home to give out treats to a few stragglers and surprisingly this turned out  to be just as much fun. I was glad that my mom and dad were here to join in on our fun, they often miss all the silly things that thrill my  family.  I can't wait until next year. It's so great to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors are neighborly.
Here are some pic. of  our haunted"village".
<<<-- This guy insisted i take his picture and wouldn't leave until I pledged my vote (on left)               
that a make-up job, this photo does his costume no justice (on right)--------->>>

My Neighbor and her son, great costumes..

Yes I know,I cut off his head but you can still see how great this costume was. This was my favorite of the night.

                                                       The beginning   and      The End


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