Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lou-Lou's Dressing Room

     Lou Lou has been asking for a dressing room for quite sometime now so i thought i would oblige her. The door to the closet and the door to her room opened back to back, this caused a problem. The handles would get stuck together and i would have to play acrobat to get into the room.  So "bling" light bulb, I took the closet door off and gave her the dressing room she, "need it".  Well its not complete but here are the curtain i came up with.  I am pretty happy with these, they matched up perfectly. There is only one little crocked seam and i love it because Lou-Lou sewed it herself.

They coordinate with the window curtains and the upholstered bed which we did also at her request, its our version of a princess bed on a paupers budget around 40$  All the fabrics are Hobby Lobby, at 30 % off so Lou-Lou is free to play with what ever she likes. I call these no fear fabrics, fun, inexpensive and washable.
My husband has promised a vanity inside the closet  and a little painting must now come to pass, then and only then will i revel the inside of the closet.


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