Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunny with a chance of snow

    My house is clean there is not a stitch of clothing that is not washed, my floors are sparkling, the dishes are done, toys are put away, my husband is home!!! Yeah!!    I have only one problem, my sewing machine is not working so good and my embroidery/sewing  machines touch screen is out of whack.
I am down to hand sewing and light duty on the machine so its dolls and pattern cutting for the weekend.
I have made some progress on a doll that started sometime ago i will post a pic tomorrow.  I think i finally painted a set of eyes that look like what i intended. I am quite proud of myself.

 I am determined to get Christmas present making completed, i promised lou-lou she could wrap the presents( this is going to be fun) she ask me everyday if its time.

   The local weather man says that it may snow(lol).  This means that the ground will be a giant muddy slushy and though it will be cold and wet , birdie will try to make a snow angel and end up a happy smiling, cold wet, dirty mess.    If i close my eyes I can almost conjure up that feeling know..... that feeling of amazement with the world, the feeling of eminence excitement you get when you experience something you thought you never would.  Birdie wakes up with that feeling every morning, i can see it in her eyes. This is how she will bear the cold wet mud just to say she made a snow angel. And i will let her because i know that feeling too. After all its how you know your truly alive.

   time to get to work.


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