Saturday, November 28, 2009

Many Things

So much has been going on that i don't know where to begin.
The trip to Texas went well, we did not get to visit with nana pat pat very much but we will try to see her againe.
Here are some pic I took at the gardens where my mom volunteers, the cold weather has spared many of the flowering plants, how wonderful for me.

I  have been busy with the kiddos but i managed to finish a great bag. The fabric is nice and sturdy it sews well and has a fun print. I think i will get a few more pieces. I found it at a little known outlet here in town she has lots of fabulous prints in this great fabric.

I finally ordered  the fabric i have been pining for- Good Folks Anne Marie Horner  for Free Spirit-- it so me , i have a plan for a wonderfully fun bag. I can't wait to get started on it.

My super husband put up our Christmas lights and the plan is that tomorrow i will put up the tree. This means that i have to clean the living room and rearrange the furniture which will require my three girlys to cooperate, any body wont to take bets on how long this will take?.... I will post pic when it is all done.


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