Saturday, April 24, 2010

What i saw at the Woodland Waterway Art Festival (better late than never)

Several weeks ago i had the pleasure of attending the Woodland Waterway Art Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. (except for having to pay to get in) It was more of a gigantic art fair and the weather was quite dreary but the walk along the waterway was great and the artiest even greater. I took a few photos and would like to share them with you.
The Women and Wine Series by artiest Kathy Womack were my favorite her paintings. Colorful and bellowing with textures. If i was in the market for art I surly would have taken one home. Click on the link to see lots more.
OK check this out! This silliness was just delightful, a wonderful oil painting by Betty Nash. Betty's art work is beautiful but i was thrilled by the subject in this painting. She took rock, paper, scissors and painted it with such grace and elegance that I was truly impressed. You rock Ms. Betty Nash!( she is quite an elegant traditional artiest check out her web page)

 I love modern abstract shinny things. These glass panels by Presteau ,just fabulous. The table, even more impressive.(you can see the rain drops collecting on the table, it was a rainy day but i didn't mind))

This little piece of folk art is what i took home. I have been into bees lately. When i get lost in my projects and don't know what to do next, I just follow the word of my Lou-Lou " If i were a bee, i would just make honey".  I placed my 3x3 piece just above my sewing machine so when i look up, i can rember to become the bee and just do what i do! My bee is by folk artiest Irene Gates of Douglas,Mi. she does not have a website to link to but she was a very nice person and i enjoyed meeting her.

As you can see my taste in art is all over the map. I believe beauty comes in many forms.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I was there with you.....your description of the art pieces added additional beauty to the items.


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