Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Few Thing I Likie

This is my favorite casual wear necklace. Its handmade art and the cord adjust to any length so it fits with any neckline. What not to love? I have been wanting a new one but hadn't run in to Mrs. Maxie. I found her this weekend at Festival International and you can find her here: Cajun Clay .

Bridie and i each purchased a new necklace. Mrs. Maxie has changed her style a bit scene my last purchase but when she saw the older one on my neck she was pleasantly surprised and inspired by her own work. I think she may be making a few more  like my beloved tile.

Fit to be tied how fun are these? Recycled ties by Annie Odell.      I love the gray bag in the picture to the right it has a Dior broach on the front. Lou-Lou insisted i take a pic of the butterfly one. My girls love this stuff. Mostly because they see me always transforming one thing into another.  When they see other people who do the same  it makes our lives a little more sane.

These are super cool and fun creations by artiest Anne Bulliard Crownover of My Cuckoo's Nest I borrowed the pic from her wed site(i accidentally deleted my photos of her work) just click on the link to check out the rest of her unique & non-traditional style.

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