Friday, April 23, 2010

How we spent Earth Day

We cleaned house....
Well yes we did clean house but afterward the girl went on a walk around our yard, their assignment was to photograph thing that are important to them that the Earth has gives us. I wonted them to understand that all of the thing that we enjoy on a daily basics are of the earth. The grass they walk upon, the wonderful scent of flowers that fills the air, even those cute cotton dresses they wear. I gave a big speech about why we recycle and how recycling helps to keep the ecosystem functioning properly. Before it was over I had created a couple of eco-worriers which turned out great because they stopped complaining about my constant "Could you please go put this in the recycle bin?" no one ever said the recycling wasn't work.
So here are a few of my eco-princesses photos.

I think the girls did a pretty good job with the photos! Birdie is very proud of herself Her favorite photos are"the bee flowers'(clovers),"those purple ones", "the fed one that i pressed the T button for"

 Now here are some of my favorite pic that i have taken over the past couple of weeks.

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