Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just a Villager

Our weekend was great! The weather was chilly, slightly chillier than i prefer. It seams that we may have skipped fall and gone straight to winter. I took some photos today, contrary to the weather the foliage is flourishing, perhaps because mother nature knows it will be hot next week, my fingers are crossed.
My neighborhood hosted a garage sale this weekend. How strange what can bring a neighborhood together. Children played, while neighbors gathered as friends sharing bits of themselves and exchanging items for sincere conversation instead of monies. I felt a reassurance in my decision to purchase our home. Our mortgage payment is not so bad when considering all the amenities: neatly kept homes, good schools, great neighbors, and the security of knowing i am never alone. I have the "village" right in my neighborhood--babysitters,swimming lessons, teachers, politicians, gardeners, carpenters, the old, the wise, and the know it all. I consider this a well rounded social circle.

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