Thursday, October 22, 2009


The day has been long, i have many things on my mind, i am lonesome for my husband and cant seam to get my etsy shop projects complete. On top of it all I CLEANED THE HOUSE FOR NO REASON YESTERDAY not only did i wash sheets, dust the computer, and shake out all the rugs but i moped all the floors and no one came home to look at them. Needless to say they are dirty again.
Hopefully the weekend will be fruitful and my brood cooperative. Sorry I have no photos to post today but with luck and determination tomorrow i will have something to share.
I have posted a link to my etsy shop. I am getting a new banner and changing the name to my user name, i can not change my user name and do not wont a new shop. So the name is Sun Shiney Rain which i am OK with because its me, misspelled and all. Does anyone have a suggestion for a tag line. If so leave a comment.

A Lou-Lou conversation to share: Shouting lou-lou said "you hurt my feeling moma i'm gonna sleep in da liv'n rum" all because i would not let her write out a check.
one minute later while crawling into my lap "OK moma i forgive you cuz you looovve me, but birdie, i will never forgive her cuz, cuz she wont sleep n da liv'n room wit me, never never never" she stormed out of the kitchen clacking her shoes firmly against the wood floors. She then quickly turned and reentered the door way where she every so softly sweetly said" Alright Birdie i forgive you, can i sleep with you."
manipulation or determination?

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