Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Unhappy Garden

This will not be a funny post in fact i am down right sad. My Garden will not grow,and the things that were growing are now dieing. My green thumb is shriveling and it hurts. My gardening buddy Lou-Lou says that" we just need to feed them Mama and then the plants will feel better" but thats not working. Lou-Lou even tried singing to them, they don't seam to be fans of the A BC song.

My great husband did such a good job of getting our new garden together, he knew how important it was to me and how much i missed my yard at our previous house but i fear that the soil is bad and it is not getting enough sun. I would love to just start all over but i know better, the summer heat is fast approaching, there were 86 degrees of heat today...yes in the shade.
I will just keep watering and weeding and Lou-Lou will just keep feeding and singing, who knows maybe it will pull through.

Well, i guess there are a few thing that are growing. Mushrooms in my potted plants. Pemmie-none of my girls listen, i tell them every day to stop, but no. My Louisiana plant- the hummingbirds love this one. Mint-smells so good. Birdie-see i told you no one listens.

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