Monday, May 3, 2010

Finish what you start..Sure I will...Someday..Right?

Live. From Sunshineyrain studio. It's the FINISH WHAT YOUR START SHOW staring Silly Mama and the three girls that make her that way!! (applause) Thank you thank you!

What a week. I started off determined to sew myself a night gown. I found some beautiful fabric on sale(yeaH) and even bought a pattern--i thought the pattern would help keep me on track, its a pattern you just follow the instruction so you can't make your own up as you go--the beautiful fabric is still in the bag and the pattern, well i just can't seam to bring myself to unfold it, all those fragile pieces of paper just scare me. So being that i didn't even start this project it doesn't count as unfinished..right?

Musical interlude--theme from Gone With the Wind~~~ dahh da dahdah

I promised my husband a pj pant, like six months ago. I cleared the cutting table ,measured out a pattern(my husband is picky) and lade out the fabric only to realize that i hadn't ordered enough for both pant legs. And yes, i actually considered using two different fabrics right up until i realized that he would get way to much of a kick out of teasing me about my lack of math skills. Hay, hes waited this long whats six more months?

Another one Bites the Dust--and another one gone and another ones gone~~~

Now about that black envelope purse that I promised a friend.  Oh yeah mamas got that! It only took me a whole three weeks thirty minutes to finish!

 Que the music...~~And we are the champions,...of the World...
 Now that I am on a roll and have such a good thing going , why not  start another envelope purse. No this was not a good idea but i couldn't help myself, just look how cool it is.
I did  realize that i had several other thing i need to finish before i coud justify starting this little ditty,so here is what i did.
I turned this sweater tank into that beach towel tote. Its huge, I managed to get six beach towels in to it and will probable try to  put on more. You gotta love knit fabric it's all about stretchability.

For my  encore I sewed the buttons on the check book holders that have been patiently waiting on my ironing board for three months, yes three months. I would move them and put them back, move them and well you get it. No more moving they are all finished.

Now I we are going to cut a few scene from our script so that we may bring you ( My mom Mostly) a sneak peek at her mothers day gift which we have all been working on in between everything else that goes on around here.
     Closing music~~~ Tiny Dancer~~(just because i like it and my girls know all the words)
Tune In tomorrow for the continuing saga of Finish what you start.  ( don't worry this is only a mini-serious,please bear with me)

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