Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother Day Gift for Mom

It's hard to shop for my mom she is not in need of many things and those thing that she does need i can't afford or just don't wont to give as a gift.  I love to make thing for her that are keepsakes so that is what we did.

It started off with a borrowed curicket machine. My friend Kerrie is a super scrap booker and brought her mechine for me to experiment. I am no scrap booker. I do love paper crafting just not my own creations.
I found a great templet for a bird on a branch and we were off to a great start.

I took out an artiest panel and Birdie and i went to work on the back ground. A bride needs a sky so that it can be free to fly. The tree needed a ground, where its roots could grow strong, a place for the bird to always call home. Three flowers appeared beneath the protection of the trees branches, red and vivacious growing strong and advancing. Old vintage buttons surrounded the edges, memories of our past put in place by the small hand of our the future. Shinny crystal like giant dew drops give rainbows for chasing. We added ribbons and flower and thing we need for creating.

On the back are the signatures a hand to hold from Birdie, a foot thats part of the feet the need chasing form Pemmie, and a heart filled with love from Lou-Lou.

I hope you are enjoying it mom we really enjoyed making it! Its my turn now, i gotta go,there a are little people creeping up behind me.

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Anonymous said...

I love my gift. The thought, ideas and creation for my gift are better than anything you can purchase. My heart is over-flowing with love, my eyes are weeping with tears of joy. Love is such a special gift from God and I have truely been blessed. Hugs and Kisses from me to y'all.

Karrie said...

Wow cool gift...I love that I am able to lend you something new to experienment with...It makes me smile knowing that you are using it...miss all my girls...well I am off to paint. Talk to you later!


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