Friday, March 12, 2010

Princess Journey to the Book Store

With all the buzz of Alice in Wonderland i thought it only fitting that i read the story to Birdie. Not the altered  version of the fairy tale, we have read that one a thousand times, but the actual original fairy tale in a book without colorful pictures. I did once own this masterpiece but could not seam to find it ,to the book store we went with my girls dressed in there finest attire--not.

We had a grand time which only increased Birdies enthusiasm to read the book. Every night we have read a few pages(see falls asleep on me) and surprisingly she has had no problem keeping up with the story or Alice's lengthy conversations with her self. I am not sure she completely understands all of the wording but she surly has not lost interest.

On now to today 's project. Spring clothing for Pemmie.
The pant is a little longer than i intended, thats what you get when you don't measure the child before she takes a nap, I think they still looks nice.  I used an old top i had for the shirt pattern and winged the bloomer pant (perhaps next time i should get out a pattern )

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