Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Ideas that are not Mine!

Check out Larissa Holland at mmmcrafts! This is truly a revamp to be reckoned with--gotta love her photos too.

See these fabrics, check out what anna maria horner has done with them now!

 And check out whats on Anna's blog  noodlehead.   Simple, fun and oh so cute, go ahead and  fetch this easy way to make your crew flennel jammies from Handmade Mommy....(.Anne Marie Horner has great flennels)

These are pieces of the blogs i read everyday. I always tell everyone to check out the blog links to the right of my post but no one ever does. The world is felled with so many talented people  who just may  have the answers to Your crafting if your looking for pics of the kiddos check back later...

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