Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Flowers are All Sewn Up

So, back to crafting.
   I have been trying out several different was to create flower brooch/clippies.  My goal is to fill my etsy shop with these lovely blooms and post a tutorial so those of you who are feeling crafty can give it a go.  As I was trying to get the tutorial together i realized that my lighting is so bad that the pictures (can't have a tutorial with out pics) were not exactly clear.  So with any luck, perhaps next week, i will make a few more and photograph them during the day when my lighting is better.  Here are a few examples of what i have been doing.

These are three different sizes each with different fabrics, i can't seam to pic a favorite, each has something different to offer but I did enjoy working with the chiffon(1st photo). I was excited to dip into my ostrich feather stash, i am going to have to hunt down some more.My girls are begging for the pink one but i think i will put it for sale in my etsy shop. Perhaps they will get lucky and it won't sale

I have also gone back to work on the duffel bag.  I will not let this project get the best of me. I will Finish it before i start anything else and i am just itching to attack my Anne Marie Horner fabric.
If your interested just click on her name to view her blog and check out what she has to offer. I revieved her book "Seams to Me" for Christmas-Thanks Mom! Its beautiful and informative.

This last part of my post is dedicated to my husband. It seams that my craftyness is rubbing off on him.

   In our home we have a bag/ purse problem (go figure) we all LOVE bags including my husband.  The problem is storage. But my man has a solution (as he does for most things).
  A few left over pieces of wood, a few coat hooks, a few cup hooks, a little paint, and POOF we have a purse holder / belt / scarf holder.

   I know that its hard to tell for the pictures but we placed this on the back wall of Birdies closet.  Scarfs and hats hang on the large hooks at the bottom and all those purses she loves so dearly, well ,she gets to keep them.
Next week it Lou-Lous turn.

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