Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Clean House = No Crafty Progress

My crafting efforts have been met with much resistance lately and not much of anything is actually being created. I cut out a duffel bag and was so looking forward to completing it but, alas i have failed to do so, because THERE'S TO MUCH DRAMA AROUND HERE!!!!

First we held a birthday party which according to my husband meant that we needed to- clean out flower beds take down Christmas decorations, clean out the garage, rake the three leaves in the yard, paint birdies scratches on her bedroom wall, and do about twenty other little thing that no one noticed. Needless to say no craft projects were completed but my house looks pretty spiffy. And although i hate to admit it, i am glad it all got done. Then there was the new t.v. which required a new entertainment center, which i am also impressed with. Then there was an invite to a neighbors after dinner gathering that lasted longer then expected but it was a very pleasant evening (i may host the next one), until LOU-LOU decided to give her self a hair cut (she is still cute). Well, then i was just to tired and put the zipper of my new duffel bag in backwards, what up with that?
Here is the duffel bag all cut out and ready to go. This was a week ago, it now resides under the table as that i had to make room for birthday gift wrapping and a few other little necessary projects.

Lou-Lou had a wonderful party, I mean PARTY HEARTY as she put it. She and i are both loving the trampoline she recieved but it would help if  it wasn't so cold outside.

Here is the hair cut!!! See still cute.

And Here is the AWESOME entertainment center courtesy my talented husband, yeah Dadoo!!!

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Karrie said...

Love the entertainment center...and Lous hair cut....OMG...that girl!!! IT IS STILL CUTE! Hope the party was fun! MISS YA'LL!


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