Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Wedding Dress Rehearsal

We had a short outing today. As that children learn what they are taught, mine have picked up my thrift store and garage sale addiction(yeah!),they requested that we go to Goodwill(not my favorite but it will do).  We rescued a child size lawn chair, purple puppy, roll up toiletry bag, and this simply wonderful  vintage(70's) wedding dress.

  Just before she asked me if she could try the gown on i  had forced up the nerve to begin deconstructing this little piece of history but it turns out that won't be happening any time soon.
  Just yesterday i caught myself staring at her wondering where my little dressed up Cinderella has gone, and now if but for just a moment she has returned. Those beautiful flower brooches that have been making themselves in my mind will have to stay in there just a little while longer. I rather enjoy Cinderellas company perhaps i will even get her to have a tea party. A mother can dream.

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