Monday, November 9, 2009

New Orleans Ladies

We had a wonderful weekend in the "Big Easy" thats New Orleans for you northern folks.
I have always held deep affection for this city. It is true that she hold lots of dirty secretes and she often reeks of filthy smells i don't care to mention but she has the power to evoke a feeling of freedom and relaxation like no other. She is overflowing with southern charm: it tickles me to sit and watch the rich older Ladies on there way to church. In big brim flower covered hat , dripping with pearls they parade down the dusty streets, shoulders straight with heads held high, they are the pride of New Orleans.

The city is so much more than Bourbon street. Art and leisure rein supreme.
Overcoming the destruction of hurricane Katrina  has been a slow process.  A tremendous amount of work has been done but much much more is needed.  The city will recover but i am not sure it will ever be quite the same.


We walked the streets, took a carriage ride, went to mass at the cathedral ( the castle were they have church: lou-lou), saw fish at the aquarium, and art every where. My Girls loved watching all the street performers and seeing all the old buildings. Decator street has a great selection of shopes we found a wonderful yarn shop and a fun VOODOO DOLL shop the Jamie Hayes Gallery.

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