Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was just cleaning house and ran across an advertisement that had somehow managed to slip under the couch. When i turned the add over i remembered why it was still floating around the living room.

It was this beauty with her long shinny hair and bellowing bust. The reason i kept the add is that my children insist that we look alike, this my dears is so not true. I was touched and then thrilled when they saw another magazine add with a similar vixen and expressed the same lovely comments.
I am conna smitten with the idea that i am truly beautiful in there eyes. I suppose  that what ever they see in me that makes them think i am so lovely is sort of the same thing that i see when i look at then. Everyone believes that there children are the most beautiful children they know, its a natural thing, we see them from the inside out. Children wear there joy and seance of wonder right on the front of there unblemished faces and it is those endearing emotions which we as mother and fathers see.
Don't get me wrong i have been told that i was beautiful a few times in my life, we all have, it really is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having my children think that i am beautiful is a whole new emotion for me. They are not presented with me in my best designer clothing or my freshly coiffed hair. They get plain old mom, the lady who need a pedicure and can't seam to find the time to shave her legs,  yet still  they see beauty. I am strangely reassured by this because I know that they see who i am not what i look like. I am somehow reassured that i am still a good person in spite of my constant feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety coupled with tiredness which has led to sloppiness not to mention my  regular bouts with extreme impatience. Maybe they are seeing me and not the person i implicitly fear i am.
Well enough of all that craziness how about those boobies i think i have a girl crush, whats up with this mom how come no body in our family has ample cleavage, well none that hasn't been bought, maybe i should get me some, in my next life i suppose.

On a note of craftiness i did finish the Oliver + S pattern and Lou-Lou has been wearing it for three days straight, it's a hit. I will post about it as soon as i find my camera and download the pics.

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