Friday, May 28, 2010

A Completed Dressing Room for Lou-Lou the Princess

Well let just say that i have exceeded my allotted VOC emission for the month. No more pink spray paint please!(ahuh ahuh,excuse me while i cough ). Oh well whats a few brain sells scells  cells for the sake of childhood.

The pinkness of Lou-Lou has once again consumed our lives but I must say i rather like the finished product i almost wanna just sit in there and pretend i am four again.

This was a group project Daddy made the addition to the dresser, Mama painted(ahuh ahuh) and the girls had a blast gluing on those great vintage buttons(2$). The dresser and mirror cost me a whole 5$-garage sale, the wall paper is scraps i had left over from another project, and with a little paint they are all now princess approved.

Sweet Lou-Lou truly loves her new ultra pink dressing room, in fact she loves it so much she wont let anyone sit at the vanity and she has not moved a thing on it sense we set it up "Its par-fekt "

Thankfully i am done with the pinkness for now, Birdie is getting a bit jealous- shes thinking yellow and blue.  I am thinking brush and can, not so sure my lungs or the environment can take any more spray paint.

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