Thursday, April 15, 2010

HEADBAND SHOW DOWN featuring pattern Links to other Great Blogs

Our show case today features some lovely head band patterns from my favorite blogs. In the quest for the perfect headband i came across several pattern, so i picked out a few from trusted sources and thus began my quest.

        Our first contestant is this lovely little number from mmmcrafts (click for pattern and link to post). What a great idea! What a great pattern, all instructions are are printed with in the patter piece. No guessing where it came from, no having to copy instructions on to the pattern. She truly has an eye for details and is offering up the goodies for your taking. this band is great, i made several and have been changing the covers to match my outfit. Having one headband with several covers diffidently eliminates the clutter of having several hard bands.This is fun and fast give it a try.

Next up in our showcase the fat and skinny of it, better known by foofanagle as the Best Band Ever(narrow and wide versions). I do like this pattern, i like the wide for its unique shape, and the with of the narrow is perfect for wearing my hair down.
I chose to cover the band. Simply cut a 1.5 x 8 inch strip of fabric, make a tube and thread the elastic through the tube sealing it at both ends. Insert it into the open ends of your headband before closing and wah- la, a covered elastic band. Now before you do all this measure your head i found i did not need quite as long a piece of elastic(although my but is big my head is small???) All in all this was a nice band its length was easily adjusted and it looked great on. In fact i received the most compliments while wearing it and had several friend request one. Stand in line girls i still need a few more.

It's bonus time at the long thread where a great pattern exist featuring a nice wide band with a child size version. Hurray!!headbands for everyone(well except my husband, the girls couldn't convince him to wear his:) I covered the elastic here too. This way if you wear a pony and a headband it still looks cutie.

I loved doing all of these and have even come up with a few versions of my own that i will share with you a little later. Here are a few tip  for happy head band making.
  •  Do cut the edges with pink-n -shears: it will turn easier and iron down better.
  • Do use a light weight stabilizer:the added body helps to keep it nice and firm on the head
  • Do get a pair of hemostats they flip any thing in seconds.
  • Do encase your elastic: presentation is everything!
  • Always, always iron down your work: saves on time and will help straighten things out, if you know what i mean ;)

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