Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Dress for Lou-Lou

  Well it is safe to say that spring is here and sew are spring cloths. Last night i managed to coax lou-lou into a measuring session, whipped up a little drawing, and brainstormed a few pattern pieces. And so today i was determined to put my doodled picture into fabric.There were a few snags along the way--forgot to add allowances for a zipper, hello how did i think she was going to get in the thing-- didn`t actually have enough fabric,oh well just not quite as fluffy as i would have liked---"You wont a what, ruffle on the bottom?"

                        It all worked out and Lou-Lou is very pleased, so much so that i had to hide it from her so that it will stay nice until after the crawfish boil on Friday. I just hope no one notices my botched zipper and lack of pleating on the third tier. I do like the dress(with a few changes of course)and will do it again soon, Birdie want's one.

Please excuse Lou-Lou's dirty face, she marker-ed pink polka- dots on it; "so I look pretty for the tramp-O-lean party mama, do ya like It?" ..."Its beautiful Lou-Lou." What more could I say?

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Vanessa said...

That dress is beautiful! Gotta love the polka dotted face too he he.


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