Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crawfish and Conversation-oilfield style

My husbands company puts on a crawfish boil every year and it is a wonderful event. There are lots of things for the kids to do and a mass of door prizes to be won.  No one is shy when it comes to eating crawfish so the event goes over well. There is plenty of good conversation and the adult beverages flow like a bayou of brew. It is great for the men to be able to meet each other family. Some of these guys i had never met but they all knew me and the kids by name. When your stuck on a platform in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico missing your family you tend to share your thought with whom ever is willing to listen. It seamed they  couldn't wait to met Lou-Lou as that she is the subject of many a conversation about our children,  "shes to pretty to be so bad..." was there response. Lou-Lou is not bad but just a bit like Curious George. She doesn't mean to make a mess of things but her curiousness often bring trouble. It was a happy night for all.

Face Paint, gotta love it!
This is the door Prize Birdie won, a giant off shore bag, she was thrilled and so was Pemmie.

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