Friday, October 2, 2009

A Hot Dog of an Idea

Seams as though its safe to say that my children(my sweet babies) and i do not have the same idea on things.
For instance when the phone rings i answer it (it's my sister in law,lets talk) they start yelling and suddenly need my help then somewhere in the middle of all the yelling decide to paint their feet with blue paint and walk across my clean dark wood floors. As if this was not enough, the brand new sofa that i waited 5 years for also fell victim to their graffiti. I guess waiting five minutes for some paper was just to hard.
I told my three year old(who we will call lou-lou) to help me and my six year old(birdie) clean up. With great vigor she said" NO, it to hard" I urged her to help but my demands were swept aside. "it to hard cuz i can't eat my hot dog" she announced. Do you laugh or cry? I just kept cleaning and sent her to the kitchen.
Did I really think she was going to the kitchen? No. And of course she didn't. After i moped the floor for the fourth time i heard a little voice sweetly calling,"mommy....Hay mom come see" Fearing the worst i ran down the hall, opened the door, and found lou-lou's lovely smile " Do you like it mommy? Is it great?" Who knew(accept lou-lou) that although cleaning floors while eating a hot dogs is impossible, cleaning your room while eating a hot dog, well thats just Great.
So much for the five projects sitting on my crafting table. Maybe tomorrow?
Stay tuned for further adventures.

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