Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cleaning Lady

  Here is whats on my sewing table, well this and a stack of cloth that need mending or hemming. I have been working on this for a few days but i think that my pattern will require a lot of tweaking  I had to alter the strap quite a bit from my original plan an i am pretty sure i will not be happy with what i pieced together tonight.
PhotobucketOh well, i will have a week to think about it because tomorrow morning when i awaken i will have been magicly transformed into  the cleaning lady on wednesday i clean (YUCK) in perpetration for the arrival of   super husband (YEAH ME!).  I will mop, scrub, wash, fold, and dust until i just can't take it anymore-- this usually takes about five minutes--then i will do it again because my children will happily wreck it just as i finish and then again just  before my husband gets home. Luckily i am blessed and he will speedily re-clean the house for me so that i can , ummm ahhh oh yeah, relax.  I know this makes little sense but i will have no cloths to wash , no dishes to do, no floors to mop; sound great right, well i struggle with it, because if hes cleaning i feel guilty about making a mess, the result--no crafty projects for moma--i won't make a mess.             But than again, perhaps, just maybe my children will need me to start on their Halloween costumes. I love Halloween HEE Hee HEE.

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