Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

Balloon Shades

More Balloon shade making (beautiful isn't it)

A not quite finished but almost balloon curtain
(only picture i had)

A Balloon curtain
in the making

And many more drapery projects that i did not take pictures of. I made a few bucks, stressed myself out(not on these two), and drove my family crazy(thanks mom),but here i am now and this is what i am doing.

I promised Birdie that when a break came from my drapery work that i would redo her hodge-podge bedroom(i made a lot of promises that fell through).  She decided on some fabric, I am very excited with her choice check it out here LINK.  And so Nana is now toiling away at a quilt and i am on the first phase of the redo--brainstorming.
A curtain for the long window.

two drapes for the closet (we took the doors down, they take up to much space and never get closed)

Here's what I've got so far:

A denim rug (yeah, i know it wasn't part of the plan). This baby is Birdies idea , inspired by Good Luck Charlie, thanks so much Disney Channel. 

Although i  have a bit of a mess going, putting the rug together has been really fun. Birdie has been full of fun ideas to personalize our creation, which is making it take longer than anticipated, but still fun. I used my old singer 185j to piece the rug and she glided easily over those thick seams while singing that sweet  humming song, gotta love an old singer. I hope to keep you posted on our progress.

Whats next: a desk(creigslist find), a head board and foot board (garage sale find), paint and more paint, and oh yeah the curtains( that is where we started isn't it).

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randi said...

denim quilts are great! they work well for picniking and camping!


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