Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

After much deliberation Galveston was our choice for summer fun. It is not host to the most fabulous beaches in the world but there certainly was a lot to do and see. No tar balls or oil slicks to combat just clean fun.

The fairy ride was a great experience, i think i enjoyed it even more than the kids. Its simply amazing  to travel across the water on such a big ship and to see the waterway from a completely different prospective.

The beach was warm and we were lucky to be blessed with overcast days-no sun burn.


Moody Gardens was wonderful. It takes at least two days to see everything with out rushing.  The aquarium and rain forest were fun and the 3D movies amazed the kids, so when it came to the 4D film they could hardly keep still long enough to enjoy it.


       Another great part of Moody Gardens was the Beach in fact i enjoyed it so much i forgot to take pictures. These are all I've got and they don't even begin to show you the fun.

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