Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project memory Bear

   Recently a friend approached me about making a few bunch of memory bears. If your not familiar with these cuddly little creatures check these out. Basically they are bears made from a loved ones clothing or a wedding dress or any thing that represents a memory that you would like to keep around. I am not exactly a bear person but i am quite sentimental so this project has been great fun for me--except the part where i can't seam to find the perfect pattern.
   I have scoured the internet, scavenged through book store and exhausted all of the library 's resources.
So far this is what i have come up with:

To big, puffy, and non-jointed.

To small, big nosed, and non-cuddly.

To strange 

To long armed.(but really cute)

So the next step is the one i was trying to avoid, i must now draft my own pattern.

   My plan was to keep it simple and just get a tried and true pattern and use it well so much for that. I am pretty sure that the problem lies with in me, obviously no one else has my vision of what it should look like and the one that does(click here-Bears)) is not giving away her money maker. We will see how this goes, wish me luck .

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