Friday, January 22, 2010

Ahhhh! Sucess

  Guess what? I finished the duffel bag, i was going to embellish it a bit( i had a huge plan) but when i started to add a few yellow roses It all just got lost in translation. So plain and practical is how she will remain.
Now on to the next project! I finally got up the nerve to cut my Anne Marie Horner fabric. I purchased it from Fabric Worm  (they have such wonderful fabrics and a kool little shop which you can see if you visit there blog). I love these prints so much that i have been hesitant to cut them. Out of the two pieces you see below i will be making a hinged frame hobo bag. I think this is going to be the perfect application for the "modern gypsy" feel that these pieces have.

This next photo is the result of my husbands craigs list obsession, i now own more craigs list furniture than anyone else i know, but you know, i love it.

This baby sews just fine and is making a great replacement for the small sewing machine Santa brought that only lasted a week. I love the old girl and with any luck she will love us back for many years to come.

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